Software sobre Desmantelamiento y Clausura CCNN

Os dejo unos links de software gratuito y útiles para el Desmantelamiento:


RESRAD is a computer model designed to estimate radiation doses and risks from RESidual RADioactive materials.
The only code designated by DOE in Order 5400.5 (Acrobat pdf format) for the evaluation of radioactively contaminated sites.

NRC has approved the use of RESRAD for dose evaluation by licensees involved in decommissioning, NRC staff evaluation of waste disposal requests and dose evaluation of sites being reviewed by NRC staff

Familia de Códigos RESRAD


This software implements the final status survey designs described in the MARSSIM manual.


Spatial Analysis and Decision Assistance SADA

Spatial Analysis and Decision Assistance (SADA) is free software that incorporates tools from environmental assessment fields into an effective problem solving environment. These tools include integrated modules for visualization, geospatial analysis, statistical analysis, human health risk assessment, ecological risk assessment, cost/benefit analysis, sampling design, and decision analysis.



The COMPASS Software guides the user through the MARSSIM process and provides assistance with MARSSIM calculations. It is available from the Oak Ridge Associated Universities Environmental Survey and Site Assessment program. The COMPASS software was designed to facilitate the use of MARSSIM and guide the user into making informed decisions in designing final status radiological surveys. COMPASS also simplifies the application of the statistical tests by performing the statistical calculations and providing prospective power curves that help in determining what level of confidence the user is willing to accept for a particular number of measurements or samples for a survey unit. After performing the final status survey, COMPASS assesses the data for comparison to the release criteria.

Visual Sample Plan (Pacific Northwest National Laboratory) is a simple, defensible tool for defining an optimal, technically defensible sampling scheme for site characterization. VSP is applicable for any two-dimensional sampling plan including surface soil, building surfaces, water bodies, or other similar applications.


D&D Universidad de Florida

D&D U Florida